Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

We Understand Your Industry

Because we know your industry and modern controls technology, POND Technical can help you most efficiently apply your capital budgets.

Where Can You Improve?

Here are some of the areas where achieving operational excellence can improve business results.

  • Better Quality: Increase right-first-time results – for paperwork as well as products -with rea-time process and analytical data, improved control and automatic documentation.
  • Higher Throughput: Improve yield, repeatability, and cycle times with better end-of-batch prediction, automated sequencing, and more efficient workflow.
  • Greater Availability: Find hidden capacity by reducing both planned and unplanned maintenance, as well as calibration, cleaning, changeover times and by avoiding documentation delays.
  • More Production Operations & Maintenance: Give operators and maintenance technicians the tools and information they need to work more efficiently and keep things running smoothly, without costly, time-consuming variances.
  • Steamlined Safety, Health & Environmental Compliance: Reduce effort needed to manage SOPs and compliance documentation.
  • Lower Utility Costs: Cut costs for electricity, steam and other utilities by increasing process efficiency and equipment utilization.
  • Less Waste: Avoid wasted labor, material, energy and inventory costs – not to mention lost profits.