Automated & Manual Valves

Automated & Manual Valves

Isolation Valves


Cameron Ball Valves

The Cameron Welded Body Ball Valve is a maintenance-free trunnion ball design featuring maximum strength at minimum weight providing maximum resistance to pipeline pressures and stresses in gas transmission, compressor station and other pipeline applications. The compact, design eliminates body flanges, thus reducing overall size and leak paths. Cameron Fully Welded Ball Valves satisfy ANSI 150 through 2500 and API 2000 through 10000 standards, and, are available in sizes 2″ to 56″.


Grove Ball Valves

The Grove B4 Trunnion Ball Valve is a forged bolted double-block-and-bleed body, trunnion ball design providing maximum resistance to pipeline pressures and stresses while allowing field disassembly, inspection and serviceability. The Grove B4 valves meet ANSI 150 through 1500# standards, and, are available in sizes 1.5” to 4”.


Xomox Plug Valves

Xomox sleeved plug valves are economical solutions for on/off and throttling services in demanding process applications with media temperatures ranging from -20°F to 600°F. Standard sizes from 1/2″ to 24″, ANSI classes 150,300 & 600.


Fisher High Performance Butterfly Valves

Fisher High Performance Butterfly Valves feature an eccentrically mounted disc and are known for their wide application range and shutoff capability. They are available for a variety of control and isolation service from cryogenic to high temp and pressure classes to ASME CL2500 and sizes from 2” to 72”. 

Valve Actuation


High Torque Applications – Bettis Pneumatic Actuators

Bettis manufactures a complete line of rotary valve actuators, including quarter-turn scotch-yoke, and, rack and pinion. These actuators, available in spring-return and double-acting configurations provide the widest range of torques and thrust available in the industry.

Control & On/Off Applications – Valvcon Rack & Pinion Actuators

Valvcon electric actuator solutions range from on-off duty, to modulating, proportional control, and two-wire network operation.


Control & On/Off Applications – EIM Pneumatic & Electric Actuators

EIM manufactures high quality electric, pneumatic and manual gear valve actuators. EIM series 2000LP and 2000HP are built for the exact demands of gas pipeline service including hazardous environment enclosures, open and close indicator switches, etc.


Compact On-Off Applications – Hytork Rack & Pinion Actuators

Hytork Excel (XL) Series are aluminum rack and pinion actuators meeting ISO, NAMUR, VDI/VDE standards. These heavy duty actuators are available in both double acting and spring return and feature corrosion protection both internally and externally.


Compact with Integrated Controls – FieldQ Rack & Pinion Actuators

FieldQ is a “fully-integrated” valve automation solution, combining a quarter turn pneumatic rack and pinion actuator with an integrated module combining solenoid and switchbox. The control module power ranges from a simple electric supply through common bus communication protocols such as ASi and up to sophisticated bus communication systems like Foundation fieldbus that are able to be linked to wider network systems.