Automation Engineering

Automation Engineering

POND Technical has taken the approach of restructuring our service teams in order to better align ourselves with our customers’ individual needs, as well as their industry-specific requirements.

Specializing in delivering project solutions that focus on industry-specific CAPEX and OPEX opportunities, Automation Engineering solutions provide a complete turn-key approach that not only incorporate the products and services of POND Technical, NECI and Rosemount, but also incorporate non-Emerson products and services required for your specific application.

Automation Engineering Solutions Include:

Specialty Chemical

  • DeltaV Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)
  • Gas Detection Safety Solutions
  • Rosemount Instrumentation

Pulp & Paper Applications

  • System Life Planning
  • Rosemount Analytical
  • Wireless Energy Management

Industrial Energy

  • Boiler Optimization
  • Burner Management Systems
  • PlantWeb for Balance of Plant

Natural Gas & LNG

  • Remote Automation Solutions incorporating ROC, FloBoss & ControlWave Products
  • Gas Detection & Monitoring
  • Regulatory Compliance

POND Technical understands that your automation challenges may require solutions outside the Emerson family of products. Our Automation Engineering Team will design and implement a total solution that may or may not incorporate the use of 3rd party technologies.

This “unbiased” approach to problem solving ensures that any solution POND Technical provides is based solely on addressing the needs of your facility and the industry you operate in.