Whether it’s a transportation terminal, office building, convention center, sports arena, hospital or university campus, maintaining a safe and comfortable environment in buildings can be quite a challenge. Managing and conserving energy usage in the same buildings is now more important than ever.

POND Technical represents leading companies with the products, technology and expertise to assist designers, owners and operators of today’s facilities.

POND Technical serves the building environment and energy sector with Gas Detection equipment for the monitoring environment for oxygen, toxic and flammable gases. These devices help protect health and property as well as create energy savings opportunities via ventilation control in such facilities as parking garages, tunnels, vehicle storage/maintenance, MRI rooms, battery rooms, chiller rooms and more.

With the cost of fuel and electricity increasing, the measurement of steam, water and other thermal fluids is instrumental in managing and tracking energy usage in almost all facilities. Rosemount and Dynasonics offer the best in technologies for almost any application found in a building’s utility infrastructure.

Pressure measurements have been important to the facility professional for decades. Whether the need for information is steam pressure, cooling water pressure or the slightest positive pressure in an operating room – Ashcroft offers many choices to most exactly meet the requirements.