Data Acquisition Recorders

Data Acquisition Recorders

Eurotherm Chessell is a world leader in data acquisition and recorder solutions, providing the most advanced, easy to use and versatile data recording products available today.

Graphic Recorders

Eurotherm Chessell paperless graphic recorders provide secure data recording, adaptability to your application, and ease of set-up and operation.

Strip Chart Recorders

Models ranging from a pre-configured one channel unit with an analog display, to recorders with over 90 inputs. Features include math capabilities and serial communications. Continuous pen and multi-point printer versions are offered.

Circular Chart Recorders

User configurable 1, 2, 3 or 4 pen, continual trace, 100mm calibrated width circular chart instrument. Current status information is presented on a front panel mounted, high visibility, vacuum fluorescent display. The modular construction and compact design ensure that is convenient to locate, while being easy to maintain and upgrade.

Data Acquisition

Versatile solution designed for maximum security of data and for flexibility. From simple data monitoring requirements to batch and validated processes, this recorder’s security, communications and powerful visualization tools make it more than just a recording device. The compact unit can be wall or panel mounted and provide data in varying format to suit different department needs.