Control Systems & SCADA

Control Systems & SCADA

Through NECI and Emerson, POND Technical will work with you to analyze your existing equipment, your plans, your resources, your total capabilities and respond with products and services specifically designed to meet your unique needs.Whether it’s a customized control program that fits your existing setup or a complete computer-integrated manufacturing system networked into your company’s data collection and inventory systems, POND Technical has solutions that will allotw the perfect fit to your manufacturing environment.


Digital plant architecture uses the power of field intelligence to improve plant performance. PlantWeb is a proven strategy for building a plant architecture that optimizes performance.

DeltaV Digital Automation System

Improves operations by leveraging a suite of digital busses, predictive technologies, precision advanced control and easy enterprise integration connecting people, processes and production.

AMS Suite: Asset Management Software

Uses predictive intelligence to improve the availability and performance of your key production equipment enabling you to detect plant equipment problems before they occur.

Remote Automation, Measurement & Safety Solutions

Targeting measurement and control needs in remote locations with the right technology, services and integrated architecture to deliver quantified business improvement.

Syncade Suite: Smart Operations Management

Leading Operations Management software for the process industries, Syncade delivers a robust workflow oriented solution comprised of flexible, integrated software modules.