Gas Solutions

Gas Solutions

Worker Regulator Failure Detection

“On-Monitor” Whistle Alert

On-Monitor Whistle Economical solution for alerting users of regulator station worker regulator failure. The On-Monitor Whistle provides an audible whistle alarm in addition to gas odor to alert user on failure of worker regulator, and, operation of back-up monitor regulator. Available in low and high pressure models for designed for below ground vault and above ground commercial and industrial regulator station applications.

Farm-Tap Assembly High Pressure Regulation

Regulator Configurations for “Below-Grade” Applications

Fisher 627 with 634M slam-shut feature compliant with DOT §192-197 complete with vent check valve and corrosion resistant fasteners for below-grade applications.

Regulator Station Automation

Regulator Station Monitor/Controller

POND Technical Regulator Station Monitor/Controller is a modular designed solar-powered SCADA solution with several wireless communication options. This product can be configured for use as a single point low pressure monitor, regulator station monitor for up to 3 pressures and 1 temperature, or a regulator station controller with solenoid discrete on/off control or analog control for use with a Kixcel or Proportion air control units.

Each Regulator Station Monitor/Controller comes fully wired for all the standard features for easy field upgrades as needs change. This Regulator Station Monitor/Controller is designed to be an easy and quick solution for your team to implement. Nevertheless, POND Technical can offer installation and start-up services if needed.

 Odorant/Chemical Injection System Control


Type Dosaodor-D is a computerized odorant injection system for natural gas with patented solenoid injector technology that eliminates the need for plunger pumps, thus, minimizing maintenance costs, while maintaining superior accuracy over the entire flow range. Automatic calibration during operation adjusts for any changes in mechanical components and also detects failures for alarming. Report by exception alarming is a configurable option.