For many years “being wireless” has been mostly thought of as creating mobility and covering long distances for voice and data communications.

Today “wireless” has become an enabler in the industrial process, municipal water and commercial facility environment. Frequently, operators in these industries could benefit from data from additional measurements of processes in and around their facility. Some of these might be flow rate, level, pressure and temperature. However, especially at existing facilities, the installation costs are prohibitive and personnel are forced to make decisions without such data.POND Technical carries an unmatched wireless portfolio of product and services to solve many of the challenges faced by our customers that otherwise might not be possible.

Emerson SMART Wireless (Rosemount, Micro Motion, CSI) devices enable measurement of such variables as flow rate, temperature, pressure, level, vibration, pH, conductivity, gas leak detection and more. Even a simple contact closure signal can now be cost effective transmitter without any wire.

Emerson also offers an industrialized compact HART radio for use in almost any HART enabled non-Emerson device. Emerson wireless devices transmit signals via a self-organizing, mesh network so almost obstruction can be overcome.

For the radio transmission of signals from pre-existing devices POND brings our customers the best in industrial wireless from MTL, Elpro and Action Instruments.

Our Engineering Team makes site visits for application feasibility and remains available to our customers for full integration into any existing control system.