Vibration & Acceleration

Vibration & Acceleration

Deterioration in machinery health and performance is usually associated with misalignment or imbalance, corrosion and wear, fouling, sediment build-up or poorly lubricated parts. Detecting these underlying problems early allows you to correct issues before they affect your process, optimizing the performance of your plant.With our best-in-class technologies and services, POND Technical can help you increase equipment effectiveness, reliability and performance by allowing you to be proactive in your maintenance. With the Emerson’s Smart Machinery Health Management solution, you have a comprehensive view of every machine, allowing you to diagnose problems before they even become an issue.


Machinery Health Transmitter

Receive alerts and diagnose problems in machine trains throughout your plant.

Wireless Vibration Transmitter

Delivers vibration data as part of an integrated plant-wide Smart Wireless solution.

Portable Technologies

Emerson's NEW CSI 2140 Vibration Analyzer Vibration Analysis

Conclusive condition information about bearings, gears and other rotating components; implement on a periodic basis.

Alignment & Balancing

Ensure precise alignment and balance of rotating machinery.

Lubrication Analysis

Determine that lubricants and fluids are clean and moisture free; detect particles in oil after onset of wear.

Online Technologies & Software

Online Machinery Monitoring

A complete protection, prediction and performance monitoring system integrated with process automation.

AMS Suite: Machinery Health Manager

Multi-technology integration analysis and reporting tools allow enterprise-wide predictive maintenance planning.

AMS Suite: Equipment Performance Monitor

Analyze and obtain peak performance of critical mechanical and process equipment in real time.