Continuous Online Monitoring

Continuous Online Monitoring

Critical machinery problems can bring production to a halt. A combination of shutdown protection and prediction capabilities ensure your machinery will continue to perform within acceptable parameters.

Machinery Protection

Today’s plants require machinery protection systems for the most critical rotating machinery. The CSI 6500 Machinery Health Monitor meets API 670 requirements and provides PlantWeb protection integrated with process automation
systems. The modularity of design gives the CSI 6500 flexibility in retrofit applications for existing cabinets. The CSI 6500 protection system provides vital shutdown protection to prevent catastrophic failure. 

  • Continuous online monitoring for machinery prediction and protection
  • Compliant with API 670 standard
  • Integrated with process automation systems

Prediction Monitoring

Visibility to machinery health before the protection system engages is considered the critical missing component of today’s machinery protection solutions. Operations and maintenance personnel are no longer looking for just a protection capability when replacing an outdated protection system. They are requiring a complete protection, prediction, and performance monitoring capability integrated with process automation.

By inserting prediction modules, the CSI 6500 Machinery Health Monitor provides machinery prediction and protection in a single integrated rack. The modular architecture easily facilitates integration to an existing protection system, AMS Suite, and process automation. The CSI 6500 delivers real-time feedback to both maintenance and operations, so plant personnel can make informed decisions well ahead of a shutdown.

With prediction, a machine can continue performing as long as it is within acceptable parameters. Repairs can be made when they are economically convenient.

  • Automated, continuous, predictive machinery health monitoring
  • PeakVue technology provides bearing fault detection
  • Record, view and replay transient data during startup, shutdown and trips

Empowering Decisions

As part of Emerson’s PlantWeb digital plant architecture, real-time machinery health information moves throughout the enterprise to the right people so the right decisions can be made.

When this information is delivered through the Ovation or DeltaV process automation system and AMS Suite predictive maintenance software, you empower operations and maintenance with the full value of PlantWeb’s predictive intelligence.