SCADA Wireless Communications

SCADA Wireless Communications

Short Range (In-Plant)

Emerson Smart Wireless Gateway

The Gateway connects WirelessHART self-organizing networks with host systems and data applications. Modbus communications over RS-485 or Ethernet provide universal integration and system interoperability. The optional OPC functionality from the Gateway offers an alternate means to connect to newer systems and applications via Ethernet.

Medium Range (Ethernet, Serial & I/O)


FreeWave Spread Spectrum Packaged Solutions

FreeWave Technologies provides wireless data solutions for mission critical applications. All radios operate over a temperature range of -40°C to +75°C. The quality and versatility of these radios has led to their use in locations ranging from Mount Everest and Antarctica to the Amazon rainforest.

Long-Range (Cellular)


Airlink Solutions

Robust communications platform for telemetry and SCADA to simplify management of remote assets. Serial interface, Class I Div 2 certification and embedded machine protocols make the Raven XT ideal for industrial applications, such as energy management, intelligent infrastructure and industrial automation.