Field Instrumentation

Field Instrumentation

For over 40 years, POND Technical has been your trusted supplier of Control, Measurement and Asset Management Products.

Our goal is to be your complete resource for any and all of your measurement needs by making the newest technology and industry applications available to you. By working with POND Technical, you can feel confident that you are getting the most out of your measurement devices by spending less on capital expenditures and reducing your installation and maintenance costs.

Regardless of the size or scope of a project, our service teams ensure that the most accurate and cost-effective measurement solutions are made available to your facility. POND Technical makes a special effort to provide you with support not only during the initial installation of our products, but throughout the life of our equipment.

Flow Measurement

With first-hand application experience and support from our manufacturers’ experts, POND Technical provides customers with all possible flow measurements options.

Level Measurement

POND Technical offers a variety of Level Measurement Transmitters designed to cut costs and increase safety by giving precise and reliable level data under most process conditions.

Temperature Measurement

Temperature is the most commonly measured process variable. POND Technical can help you solve your temperature problem with our expertise and experience.

Pressure Measurement

POND Technical will help you select the best devices to ensure the right choice of pressure gauges, transducers & transmitters, pressure switches and DP switches for your application.

Fire & Gas Detection Systems

POND Technical offers equipment with the latest technologies for the protection of life, health and facilities by monitoring the workplace environment for toxic and oxygen gases, as well as by monitoring for combustibles gases to alert for the potential of a fire or explosion.

Facility & Workforce Safety

POND Technical provides instrumentation and devices for the protection of your facility and workforce in multiple facets and areas.

Liquid Analytical

Rosemount Analytical is the leader for research, development, engineering and manufacturing of liquid analysis instrumentation.

Process Weighing Systems

POND Technical offers a complete program of instrumentation, transmitters and batching units through Vishay BLH.

Density, Viscosity, Concentration & Moisture

POND Technical offers devices that suit your Density, Concentration & Moisture Applications. These devices are a low maintenance, cost-effective solution for your process requirements.

Control Valves

POND Technical can deliver time-tested and innovative solutions designed to help customers reduce plant maintenance cost, reduce capital requirements, reduce cost of regulatory compliance and increase process availability.

Vibration & Acceleration

With our Machinery Health Management solutions, you can have a comprehensive view of every machine, allowing you to diagnose problems before they even become an issue.

Asset Management Software

Use predictive intelligence to improve the availability and performance of your key production assets and detect plant equipment problems before they occur.