SCADA Metering

SCADA Metering

Volumetric Flow Meters

MVS205 Multi-Variable Sensor

The MVS205 Sensor provides static pressure, differential pressure, and process temperature inputs to a ROC300-Series, ROC800-Series, FloBoss107, FloBoss 407, or FloBoss 500-Series Flow Managers. The inputs from an MVS sensor are used for differential pressure type calculations. The MVS205 typically operates as a remote unit that communicates via a serial format.

Bristol 3808-30A Multivariable Transmitter

Bristol 3808-30A Multivariable Transmitter

The Model 3808-30A low power digital transmitter accurately measures three variables, differential pressure, pressure and temperature, and is ideal for use with orifice meters at custody-transfer metering stations.

FloBoss 103

The FloBoss 103 Flow Manager is a cost-effective, single-run flow computer for differential-pressure metering of natural gas. The FloBoss 103 is housed in a compact enclosure designed for Class I Division 1 hazardous areas.

FloBoss 104

The primary function of the FloBoss 104 is to measure the flow of natural gas using turbine metering or rotary metering in accordance with the American Gas Association (AGA) and American Petroleum Institute (API) standards. When performing AGA7 calculations, the FloBoss unit uses 1992 AGA8 compressibility.

Floboss 107E

The FloBoss 107E is an environmentally-packaged version of the FloBoss 107 flow computer. Its new packaging and available touchpad user interface makes the FloBoss 107E the ideal solution for many remote installations.

Rosemount Conditioning Orifice Plate

The Rosemount Conditioning Orifice Flowmeter Technology provides unprecedented performance with minimal straight-run piping. Conditioning Orifice Flowmeters are designed for ease of installation and maximum performance by eliminating the need for impulse lines, special flanges or piping modifications. Self-centering mechanisms ensure optimal accuracy while improving the overall installation process.

 Mass Flow Meters

Micro Motion Coriolis Meters

The Micro Motion Coriolis Meters provide highly accurate mass flow, volume flow, and density measurement for extremely low to high flow rates in fiscal custody transfer, meter verification and other applications requiring reliable and repeatable performance.

Rosemount 3095 Multi-Variable Transmitter

The Rosemount 3095 MV transmitter accurately measures differential pressure, static pressure, and process temperature to dynamically calculate fully compensated mass flow. While traditional meters measure a single process variable, the 3095 MV simultaneously measures all process variables necessary for calculating flow.

Rosemount 3051S Multi-Variable Transmitter

The Rosemount 3051S MV Transmitter provides differential pressure, static pressure, and process temperature measurements along with advanced compensation techniques to provide faster and more accurate calculations. The 3051S MV is combined with a Rosemount primary element as an integrated flowmeter resulting in flow optimization for tighter control, increased environmental protection, improved productivity and reduced material costs.