Municipal & Industrial Waste Water

Municipal & Industrial Waste Water

Sewage treatment plants process human and industrial waste water through a series of processing steps that require best-in-class control elements. 

Open channel flow meters and pump control using level controls saves energy and prevents overflow events at pumping stations. Liquid analyzers at the treatment plant control the liquid environment at optimized concentrations for the microorganisms to be most effective in their important work. 

An estimated 70% of the plant’s operations energy budget is spent on large air blowers that keep the liquid aerated during this biological treatment. In-situ flow meters and dissolved oxygen analyzers can control energy usage and reduce blower use.

On the solids side of the plant, magnetic flow meters with advanced diagnostics provide predictive maintenance savings on full pipe return activated sludge and waste activated sludge lines. Sludge blanket level monitors on secondary clarifiers reduce excessive solids pumping and reduce costs. 

Holding tanks for digested sludge can be filled and emptied as needed using radar or ultrasonic level controls. Final treatment of effluent before discharge includes tight control of neutralization and disinfecting agents in the wastewater to meet USEPA regulations and limit the impact on the environment.