Wireless Plant Network Applications

Wireless Plant Network Applications

Wireless plant applications include business and operation applications, such as mobile worker, safety mustering and video monitoring.

Wireless plant solutions seamlessly integrate with the wireless field network.

Field Data Backhaul

Field devices are often widely and remotely distributed throughout a plant – across roads and hills, or on mobile platforms like railcars, barges or trucks. Wireless field data backhaul solutions integrate field instrument data with the process control system at significantly lower cost and implementation time over wired solutions.

Mobile Worker

Mobile worker solutions can dramatically improve productivity by using cutting-edge wireless technology to provide instant access to process control data, maintenance information, and operation procedures. Eliminate the paper trail and transcription errors by wirelessly connecting the field operator to the process in areas where fixed operator workstations do not exist.

Video Monitoring

Wireless video solutions provide a quick and cost effective approach for security and process monitoring. Real-time video feeds greatly help to improve security and safety. Video tracking of certain process emissions enables better environmental compliance.

Control Network Bridging

Often times the control room is remote from a controller, or separated by an obstruction like a road or body of water. Installing fiber-optic cable is expensive. Wireless technology can easily connect control system units securely and cost-effectively.

Safety Mustering

In the case of an emergency situation, a wireless safety mustering solution can help identify personnel gathering at mustering stations in real time. Your people can be quickly and automatically identified, confirmed, and recorded.

Location Tracking

Wireless location technologies allow you to quickly find your people and movable assets. Time spent accounting for your people or your equipment can be dramatically reduced, which can have significant benefits during turnarounds or emergencies.