Wireless Field Network Instrument & Valve Products

Wireless Field Network Instrument & Valve Products

Emerson is the world leader in wireless field instruments and valves, with a large and growing selection of products!


Rosemount 3051S Wireless Series of Pressure Instrumentation

Scalable wireless pressure, DP flow, and DP level solutions.


Rosemount 648 Wireless Temperature Transmitter

Installation-ready wireless Rosemount sensor portfolio meets a wide range Wireless single point temperature measurement or 4-20mA conversion to wireless.


Rosemount 848T Wireless Temperature Transmitter

Efficient access to up to 4 independent temperature measurements and/or 4-20mA conversions.


Rosemount Analytical 6081 Wireless pH Transmitter

Rosemount Analytical Wireless pH Transmitters Offer Highly Accurate and Reliable Process Monitoring.


Rosemount 2160 Wireless Vibrating Fork Liquid Level Switch

Features include a complete range of process connections, aluminum housing, a choice of wetted parts materials, dry-to-wet and wet-to-dry switching functions, extended fork lengths, and hazardous area approvals.


CSI 9420 Wireless Vibration Transmitter

Enable wireless vibration monitoring of any mechanical asset


TopWorx 4310 Wireless Position Monitor

TopWorx 4310 Wireless Valve Position Monitor can detect linear and rotary movement using non-contact technology with open and closed limit switch feedback


Fisher 4320 Wireless Position Monitor

Detect linear and rotary movement using non-contact technology with position measurement and open and closed limit switch feedback.


Rosemount 702 Wireless Discrete Transmitter

Convert a variety of non-powered switch inputs, such as pressure, flow and level switches, to wireless.


Smart Wireless Gateway

The Gateway connects WirelessHART self-organizing networks with host systems and data applications. Modbus communications over RS-485 or Ethernet provide universal integration and system interoperability. The optional OPC functionality from the Gateway offers an alternate means to connect to newer systems and applications via Ethernet.

Smart Wireless THUM Adapter

The THUM Adapter is a device that can be installed on any existing 2 or 4-wire HART device. It enables wireless transmission of all HART measurement and diagnostic data that was previously not used due to the limitation of sending a single 4-20mA process variable to a PLC or process automation system without full HART capability.