Field Network Applications

Field Network Applications

Wireless field applications include wireless field devices that enable asset or process monitoring or control.

Wireless field devices can be installed for less cost than wired technologies, so your investment return is almost immediate. You can quickly and easily eliminate “blind spots” where it was previously too difficult or expensive to install wired instruments.

Below are some examples of applications where wireless field devices are being used:

Additional Process Measurements: Previously Out of Reach / Uneconomical to Add

  • Eliminate clipboard rounds
  • Temperature profiling of steam lines
  • Spill prevention using alerts
  • Redundant measurements
  • Valuable insight into process

Safety & Environmental Monitoring

  • Pressure relief and safety valves
  • Monitor safety shower activation
  • Accurately measure emissions
  • Ensure environmental compliance
  • pH monitoring on effluent waste water

 Rotating Equipment

  • Furnaces
  • Kilns
  • Drums

Tough Installation Conditions for Wires

  • Hot
  • Corrosive Atmosphere
  • Wet


  • Rail Cars
  • Skids
  • Flexible Manufacturing

Asset Monitoring Applications

  • Bearing & lube temperature
  • Filter differential pressure
  • Vibration monitoring on rotating equipment
  • Surface temperature