Virtual Classrooms

Virtual Classrooms

Virtual training is a new initiative that POND Technical and NECI are excited to support.Through our virtual training classrooms, we now has the ability to provide you with a greater variety of classes locally, more frequently throughout the year, at a lower cost to you!

How Does It Work?

Through Emerson V-Learning program, students are trained by certified, Austin-based instructors who are able to deliver live classes on DeltaV and Syncade training platforms straight to your training laptop at NECI via a two-way audio/video feed.

Is the Quality of the Class Compromised?

No – Classes include the same content as before and taught with a live instructor! Each student will also have their own laptop which remotes into a designated DeltaV workstation setup in Austin, Texas. Classes are taught with a certified Emerson instructor who will be able to see what you are doing, answer your questions, and guide you through exercises and workshop the entire class.

Additionally, one of our SureService Engineers will be available to you for support throughout the week of training and all students receive a course manual.