Operator Training Solutions

Operator Training Solutions

About DeltaV Operator Training Solution (OTS):

DeltaV Operator Training Solutions (OTS) is an engineered, hands-on, process-specific learning environment designed to up-skill our customers’ operations workforce. DeltaV OTS exposes operators to what they will experience in their actual control room. This enables operations personnel to gain experience in an off-line, non-intrusive environment. Operators will learn DeltaV operating concepts while learning their actual process in preparation to effectively handle incidents or process upsets. The ability to practice how to handle potential incidents in a simulation environment is invaluable.

The DeltaV OTS training solution is not only key to preparing operations personnel prior to the start-up of new automation projects. It is an ongoing tool to train future operators, a great refresher tool and a platform for more advanced training for current operators.

OTS Key Deliverables:

  • Self-Guided Custom Curriculum Based on the Customer’s Configuration and actual displays.
  • DeltaV Training Simulators that include both hardware and software that operate the customer configuration in a simulated environment.
  • Student testing that includes realistic failure scenarios that record actual operator responses.

Tangible Savings & Benefits:

  • Quicker, Smoother Start-Ups
  • Reduced Operator Error
  • Product Loss Reduction/Elimination
  • Improved Product Quality
  • Regulatory Violation Reduction/Elimination
  • Reduce Incident Reporting
  • Operator Acceptance and Endorsement to Change Management


DeltaV OTS Express is a complete, process specific, dynamic simulation based training platform engineered to provide a rapidly deployable yet long-term training solution for your operations staff. DeltaV OTS Express provides training on selected critical or priority process units, areas, or processes from your facility with a dynamic simulation based trainer surrounded by training components built to match your facility. Included with every DeltaV OTS Express are detailed customized curriculum, courseware, testing, professional instruction, scenarios, and preliminary eLearning as well as follow-up support for your system 6-12 months after start-up.

DeltaV Operator Training Workstation

  • Dell workstation-class computer
  • 2 GHz processor (min), 2 GB memory (min)
  • Dual 19″ ViewSonic LCD monitors
  • Keyboard and mouse

DeltaV Simulate Pro Standalone

  • All DeltaV system features made available on a single standalone PC workstation
  • Acts as a DeltaV ProfessionalPLUS Station
  • Uses the identical database configuration and graphics as the actual plant DeltaV system
  • Feature Freeze, Snapshot and Restore functions

MiMiC Process Simulation

Input and output parameters of DeltaV control modules are simulated for realistic process feedback and integrated with DeltaV Simulate using OPC. A MiMiC Operator Training Module works with the simulation and supports non-intrusive scenarios.

Process Simulation Development

Emerson Educational Services works with you to define the targeted processes that can be simulated and sized into a single DeltaV MD controller’s number of control modules. Dynamic process simulation includes 5 operating or upset scenarios to train and test operators.

Skills Verification

  • Proficiency testing on DeltaV system operation
  • Hands-on testing with 5 basic failure scenarios
  • Hands-on workshops for each learning module

Customized Curriculum & Courseware

The curriculum and courseware include actual process configuration and workshops that are specific to the targeted processes. Operators will learn to:

  • Understand basic terminology
  • Manipulate various control module operating parameters to operate the process
  • Respond to process alarms
  • Monitor process performance and optimize control system responses to process dynamics
  • View real-time and historical trend data
  • Manipulate unit module parameters
  • Run procedures or batches
  • For batch processes; access the Batch Operator Interface and review batch history

Factory Acceptance Testing

  • 1 day (8 hours) at the factory for Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) or remote online access testing

Professional Instruction

  • 2 days (16 hours) at the factory for Train-the-Trainer instruction

Professional Support

  • 5 days (40 hours) of follow-up services 6-12 months from the start-up of your DeltaV OTS. This time can be used for courseware revision, model updates or DeltaV database updates