Predictive Diagnostics

Predictive Diagnostics

Predictive maintenance is a window into the future of your equipment’s performance.

Our service providers can help you identify when a failure may occur so you can plan an outage instead of dealing with an unexpected failure. This information is essential in making the best use of your maintenance dollars.

Precision is critical. If your equipment isn’t performing to industry and factory specifications, your process isn’t at its peak performance. Your profits could decrease; you could be fined for failing to meet regulatory standards; and worst of all, your employees could be at risk for injury. You want to keep your equipment operating at optimal levels. But what approach is best for your plant’s life cycle? Run until failure or overhaul periodically? Both are expensive. What if you could put your maintenance dollars into the instruments and valves that actually need repair – and identify them before they fail?

Our experience and complete diagnostic tools provide a thorough analysis of your mechanical, electrical, instrument, valve and control equipment.

POND Technical provides a complete set of diagnostic services including thermography, vibration analysis, oil analysis, ultrasonic’s, partial discharge testing, control system analysis and in-service and in-line control valve diagnostics.

Using diagnostic data we can then monitor, report, interpret and recommend appropriate steps to be taken. Further, we can consult with you on how to optimize your existing plant performance, recommending enhancements that reduce or eliminate downtime, and examining your plant’s life cycle to ensure a successful future.

When it comes to the health of your plant, leverage the power of predictive maintenance and diagnostic services from POND Technical.