Machinery Health Services

Machinery Health Services

The performance & health of mechanical equipment will deteriorate over time. Early detection is vital.

Ensure gradual deterioration doesn’t strip away performance or your peace of mind. Knowing the health and performance of your mechanical equipment allows you to be proactive with your maintenance planning instead of reacting to unexpected events. When your maintenance and operations staff are alerted to degrading asset health, critical production decisions can be made to eliminate outages and improve the bottom line.

When you partner with POND Technical, you achieve optimal health and performance while experiencing the value of a predictive environment. We offer onsite vibration analysis services, infrared thermography, sonic and ultrasonic analysis, motor analysis, oil analysis, as well as and laser alignment and balancing.

Our technicians can perform onsite audits to test the heath and condition of your machinery and equipment to determine whether a particular machine needs immediate maintenance and/or long-term monitoring. After an onsite audit is completed, POND Technical will analyze the data thoroughly to diagnose the root cause of performance degradation.

Given the results of our analysis, our team can work with you to ensure the appropriate measures are taken to prevent catastrophic failures and unplanned shutdowns, meet production targets, reduce maintenance and repair costs, reduce inventory and overtime, as well as achieve predictive or proactive maintenance.

Through POND Technical, you have the complete portfolio of machinery health management technologies, software and services ensuring your mechanical equipment is maintained correctly for optimal health and performance.

Turn to us as your critical machinery management partner to manage and realize your machinery’s potential
to achieve your operational goals!