Operator & HMI Displays

Operator & HMI Displays

Many industries now prefer to site their operator terminals and HMI on the plant floor.MTL Instruments range of visualization products include operator terminals and panel PC’s suitable for both hazardous and non-hazardous area mounting.

MTL Ex Zone Panel PC (Explorer)

  • Highest-performance Ex-certified Panel PC available.
  • Designed as a Panel PC, the new EXPLORER is also based on a modular concept.
  • Use for local display or operation of software .
  • The EXPLORER range of hazardous area panel PCs are ideally suited to surviving the harsh environments typically found in Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Biotech and Food and Beverage manufacturing.
  • All operating and visualization components (display, touch screen, trackball, joystick, keyboard)can be configured according to the requirements of the plant.
  • Ethernet interface, as well as USB, RS232, RS485 and RS422 interfaces to integrate further electrical equipment or for the functionality of WLAN or BLUETOOTH.

MTL Remote PC Terminal (Challenger)

  • Range of components and options for specific functions depending on application.
  • Optimum solution for demanding tasks in on-site operation and visualization in Zone 1/2/22 hazardous areas.
  • High quality bright images are visualized at the terminal
  • Transmission unit picks up the data from a PC via VGA, Keyboard, PS2 Mouse and transmits data up to 600m/2000ft to on site Terminal – in hazardous area zone 1/2/22.