Intrinsically Safe Displays

Intrinsically Safe Displays

If you need to display process variables, text and simple graphics, or require a low cost operator interface in a safe or hazardous area, POND Technical has an intelligent display that is just right for your application and protocol.

MTL Fieldbus Displays

  • Single Variable to 8 Variable Displays
  • Field and Panel Mount
  • Safe and Hazardous Area Displays

MTL IS Text & Graphic Displays

  • Easy to Configure
  • Point-to-Point or Multidrop Comms with PC, PLC or DCS
  • Simulator Package for Offline Configuration & Programming

MTL IS Loop Powered Indicators

  • Large LCD Displays
  • Feld and Panel Mounting
  • Loop powered 4-20mA input

RTK Alarm Annunciators

  • Annunciator
  • Event Recorder
  • Explosion Proof

MTL Remote PC Terminal (Challenger)

  • Range of components and options for specific functions depending on application.
  • Optimum solution for demanding tasks in on-site operation and visualization in Zone 1/2/22 hazardous areas.
  • High quality bright images are visualized at the terminal.
  • Transmission unit picks up the data from a PC via VGA, Keyboard, PS2 Mouse and transmits data up to 600m/2000ft to on site Terminal – in hazardous area zone 1/2/22.