Solutions Summary

Solutions Summary

POND Technical provides complete process control solutions that optimize a plant’s production efficiency.

POND Technical specializes in making plants more efficient and flexible through process automation and implementation of operations management and information systems.

We help our customers gain a competitive advantage through improved process control and automation.

Together with our parent company NECI, POND Technical offers the industry’s broadest array of process-automation products.

Data Acquisition Recorders

Eurotherm Chessell is a world leader in data acquisition and recorder solutions, providing the most advanced, easy to use and versatile data recording products available today.

Signal Conditioning

POND Technical offers a complete product family of high density DIN rail-mounted modules, proving most instrumentation functions (signal-conditioning, isolation, limit-alarms).


Displays provide a “window” to your process variables. POND Technical offers a variety of display options for your specific application.

Continuous Online Monitoring

Critical machinery problems bring production to a halt. A combination of shutdown protection and prediction capabilities ensure that machinery will continue to perform within parameters.

Control Systems & SCADA

Our team will work with you to analyze your existing equipment, plans, resources and total capabilities in order to respond with products and services designed for your unique needs.