Syncade Suite: Smart Operations Management

Syncade Suite: Smart Operations Management

The Right Product. First Time. Every Time with Syncade

Emerson’s Syncade Smart Operation Management Suite is the leading Operations Management software for the process industries. Syncade delivers a robust workflow oriented solution comprised of a group of flexible, integrated software modules. 

The Syncade modules provide easy to use, flexible solutions for your difficult problems, including resource management, operations optimization, and information integration, and quality and compliance requirements. Each software element is modular and scalable; allowing you to add system capabilities as needed.

Syncade is built on the latest technology platform leveraging zero install clients, enterprise service bus web services for integration and robust database technologies. All this adds up to a lower cost for deployment and ownership versus traditional MES platforms. 

Leverage from Industry Standards

Standards help reduce the cost and improve the robustness of integrating different systems. Syncade is developed to leverage industry standards, ISA95 Enterprise-Control System Integration and ISA88 Batch Control. These standards play a critical role in enabling the practical integration of plant operations. Syncade suite adheres to the ISA95 and ISA88 standards and provides benefits which directly reduce time and cost of a project–delivering added value to you.

  • Object-oriented, class based, scalable designs allows the software to be reused.
  • Modular design allows for easier re-configuration and redeployment of functionality.
  • Standard terminology facilitates clear communications between automation, IT, quality control, manufacturing and management.
  • Consistent structure and terminology enables optimized plant-wide workflow with easy adoption.
  • Data models and information exchange standards enable easy coordination of resources across plant functions and easy integration with other software applications.
  • Information exchange provides a plant-wide data repository with easy access.

Implementation Expertise

Through POND Technical’ parent company, New England Controls, our team of talented, experienced professional services providers help you deliver a successful MES project. Our team has experience in all phases of the implementation and deployment process. Our team can help you with:

  • User and Functional Requirements Development
  • ERP Integration to SAP and Oracle
  • External System and Database Integration
  • Order and Material Management
  • Electronic Weigh and Dispense
  • Recipe Development and Electronic Batch Records.
  • Project Testing, Qualification and Validation

Once your project is deployed, you can trust our SureService team to help you keep you Syncade system up and performing. The SureService team provides 24/7/365 emergency response and has skilled system and database administrators to ensure maximum performance from your Syncade system and handle any issues that may arise.