Lubrication Analysis

Lubrication Analysis

An effective lubrication program is both predictive and proactive: Predictive in that it gives early warning of unseen corrosion and wear, and Proactive because it eliminates the root causes of failure.

Unseen corrosion, contaminants, improper lubrication, and machine wear are a primary root cause of equipment failure. Testing machinery lubricants is a necessity but sending samples to an offsite laboratory can sometimes prove to be untimely and inefficient.

An onsite oil analysis lab allows you to test oils and lubricants onsite, eliminating the need to send samples to an offsite lab. This time-saving method delivers results efficiently and effectively.

CSI 5200 Machinery Health Oil Analyzer

The CSI 5200 Machinery Health Oil Analyzer is a multi-functional analyzer that is uniquely capable of detecting most lubricant-related problems in gears, pumps, compressors, turbines, engines, hydraulics, and process machinery.