Process Weighing Systems

Process Weighing Systems

POND Technical offers a complete program of instrumentation, transmitters and batching units through BLH Nobel.

These high precision systems provide high accuracy under wide temperature range, vibration and other harsh conditions prevailing in the process industry – from quality reactor vessels to ingredient storage bins to clean-in-place batching processes.

Our instruments are known for their reliability, user-friendliness and ability to communicate easily with factory networks.

Because BLH Nobel designs both load cells and instrumentation to a specific customer’s requirements, we are able to offer complete solutions to your weighing needs.

BLH Nobel Process Weighing Products

BLH Nobel Weighing Systems design and manufacture high-performance products, as well as turnkey solutions for weighing and batching applications in the process industry.

BLH Nobel Force Measurement & Web Tension

BLH Nobel supplies web tension and force measurement systems for paper machines, steel industry, and converting machines. Our web tension systems comprise of standard modules and electronics, as well as customized systems. We design force measurement modules according to the customers’ mechanical requirements and forces, ranging in size from just a few Newtons to mega-Newtons.