Pressure Regulators

Pressure Regulators

POND Technical’ industry and application expertise, along with the technology of the Robertshaw and Fisher Pressure Regulator product lines provide pressure regulation solutions that is unmatched in the area.Our solutions address pressure regulation needs in the natural gas transmission, natural gas distribution and process industries including Power, Pulp & Paper, Food & Beverage, Specialty Chemical, as well as the Life Sciences industries.

Robertshaw Model RP-1072
The RP-1072 series regulator is restricted to vacuum applications. The range of pressures under control cannot vary beyond 0 psig and -14.7 psig.

Robertshaw Models RP-1065 & RP 1066
The RP-1065 and RP-1066 diaphragm actuated pressure regulators are designed with spring adjusted pressure regulators and relief valves for steam service.

Robertshaw Models RP-1070 & RP 1073
The RP-1070 and RP-1073 bellows actuated pressure regulators are simple, self-operated and offer sensitive, accurate control of reduced pressures. They may be used to control steam pressures for heating systems, industrial processes and steam driven pumps, and many other fluid pressure controlling and limiting applications.

Fisher Regulators
Fisher Regulators are offered through our parent company NECI. Offering pressure and flow control products and solutions in three broad categories – industrial gas and liquids, natural gas and propane gas.