Pressure Gauges

Pressure Gauges

POND Technical is an authorized, stocking distributor of Ashcroft Pressure Gauges.

Ashcroft Test Gauges

Built for precision readings, Ashcroft offers dial and digital test gauges. Also available is a stainless steel pocket test gauge whose small 3” size does not diminish accuracy, stability or socket thread life.


Ashcroft Process Gauges

Included in the process category are the Duragauge line of pressure gauges. Additional features include burn resistant cases, solid front case design, and Teflon coated stainless steel rotary-geared movement for longer life.


Ashcroft Industrial Gauges

Providing  general service, duplex, low pressure, and differential gauges, Ashcroft Industrial Gauges boast high levels of accuracy and performance.


Ashcroft Differential Gauges

Available in a wide array of reading ranges, mounts, and materials, Ashcroft’s differential gauges are the right choice for your industrial application. Ashcroft’s duplex gauge makes it easy to see the pressure differential from two separate inputs displayed on one gauge.


Ashcroft Stainless Steel Case Gauges

Designed for accuracy and durability, the stainless steel category offers the Ashcroft Duralife gauge which is designed for safety and longer life.


Ashcroft Sanitary Gauges

Dial and digital styles are available, as well as sanitary instrument fittings, designed to work with the Ashcroft sanitary gauge.

Ashcroft Commercial Gauges

For durability purposes, these products are made from bronze/brass, stainless steel or beryllium copper.