Capacitance Level Control Instrumentation

Capacitance Level Control Instrumentation

POND Technical offers RF Capacitance Level Control Technology for virtually any substance in any type of vessel. Solid state, digital designs offer on/off and continuous level measurement in all types of vessels.Our cutting edge level instrumentation can accurately measure conductive or non-conductive liquids and granular materials.


Robertshaw Level-Tek Model 310

The 310 Level-Tek is a remotely mounted, RF capacitance sensing, on/off control and display instrument.

Robertshaw Level-Tek Model 5318A

The 5318A Level-Tek updated electronics for more flexibility.

Robertshaw Level-Tek Model 5100

The 5100 Level-Lance is a microprocessor-based, advanced technology, on/off level detection instrument.


Robertshaw Duplex Level-Tek Model 314B

The 314B Duplex Level-Tek is an all solid state RF control instrument providing on/off control with two independently adjustable set points, each with its own output control relay.

Robertshaw Level-Lance Model 5400A

The 5400A Level-Lance is a microprocessor-based on/off level control system that provides economical 1 to 4 point control using only one sensing element.


Robertshaw Conductivity Switch Model 352

The 352 Conductivity Switch is an on/off control unit that is completely self-contained and activates when reaching the calibrated set point on the probe.


Robertshaw Excalibur 7000

The Excalibur 7000 offers both a smart RF capacitance microprocessor-based level transmitter and PID controller, providing the flexibility to meet all level application requirements.

Robertshaw Model 158A

The 158A Level-Tel capacitance-to-current RF transmitter designed to be remotely mounted from the sensing probe and is used for continuous level measurement and control.

Robertshaw Model 167

The 167 Level-Tel is a self-contained sensing transmitter. It features anti-coating circuitry that prevents build-up on the sensing probe, thus minimizing error.

Robertshaw Model 5000A

The 5000A Level-Lance is a microprocessor-based transmitter that provides continuous level measurement.