Coriolis Mass Flow Meters

Coriolis Mass Flow Meters

POND Technical has proudly represented Micro Motion in New England for over 20 years. Below is a list of Micro Motion Coriolis Sensors & Transmitters.

Coriolis Sensors

ELITE Coriolis Flow & Density Meters

Micro Motion ELITE Coriolis meters are the leading precision flow and density measurement solution offering the most accurate and repeatable mass measurement for liquids, gases or slurries.

F-Series Flow & Density Meters

Micro Motion F-Series Coriolis meters are intended for highly accurate mass flow, volume flow, and density measurement in applications that require a compact, drainable design.

T-Series Coriolis Flow & Density Meters

T-Series meters offer superior flow measurement in a straight-tube, full-bore meter design. The T-Series features all titanium wetted parts for excellent corrosion resistance and is self-draining with a flow path that resists plugging and can be pigged.

H-Series Coriolis Flow & Density Meters

All-hygienic H-Series meters offer highly accurate mass flow, volume flow, and density measurement in a compact, drainable and cleanable design. Ideal for sanitary and hygienic applications.

R-Series Coriolis Flow Meters

Micro Motion R-Series Coriolis meters are simple and reliable, used in a wide range of industries to obtain basic measurement while benefiting from the fundamental advantages of Coriolis flow measurement.

LF-Series Low Flow Coriolis Flow & Density Meters

Micro Motion LF-Series low flow meters are the smallest Coriolis meters available and offer a scalable platform to meet individual flow measurement needs. This meters fits into any tight space for ultra-low, high precision flow measurement.

2-Wire Coriolis Flow & Density Meters

Emerson’s new Micro Motion 2-wire Coriolis meters with MVD Technology extends highly accurate mass flow and density measurement to loop-powered applications eliminating the need for additional power wiring.

Coriolis Transmitters

Model 1700 & 2700 Transmitters

Micro Motion 1700/2700 field-mount transmitters are powered by MVD Technology and designed for compact integral mounting, or to easily mount on a wall or pipe stand.

Model 1500 & 2500 Transmitters

Micro Motion 1500/2500 DIN rail-mounted transmitters are powered by MVD Technology and designed to easily fit into control room panels. These transmitters feature a simple 4-wire connection to the sensors for power and signal.

9739 MVD Transmitters

Micro Motion 9739 transmitters with MVD Technology are ideally suited for wall-mounted or truck-mounted applications or for replacing legacy RFT9739 transmitters.

Model 2400S Transmitters

Micro Motion 2400S transmitters with MVD Technology deliver unsurpassed Coriolis performance in two-phase flow applications or where entrained gas is present and allows a check of the actual sensors tubes and electronics against original factory settings.

Model 2200S Transmitters

Micro Motion 2-Wire Coriolis meters, with Model 2200S transmitter, are the first Coriolis meters for highly accurate mass flow and density measurement in loop-powered applications – and without the need for additional power wiring.

Filling Mass Transmitter Model FMT

The Micro Motion Coriolis transmitter model FMT was specifically designed for filling and dosing applications to deliver outstanding performance in high speed and very small fills.

RFT9739 Transmitter

The Micro Motion RFT9739 transmitter can be used with most Micro Motion sensors to provide precision fluid measurement in a wide variety of applications.
Note: Product is obsolete for new installations. Please consider 9739 MVD Transmitters for 9-wire installations.

Series 3000 Transmitters

The Micro Motion Series 3000 electronics combine Coriolis transmitter functions and PLC capabilities in one instrument. The Series 3000 was designed for easy field upgrades to add functionality as requirements change.