Continuous & Fixed Gas Detection

Continuous & Fixed Gas Detection

POND Technical offers toxic and combustible gas sensors and transmitters, as well as HVAC monitors and anlyzers that utilize the latest technologies to provide the ultimate protection for your facility and personnel.

Gas Sensors & Transmitters

Millennium II Gas Monitors 

The Millennium II Series of universal fixed gas detection transmitters provide an advanced micro-processor based control and communications interface for our advanced Toxic (ST3 Series) and Combustible (SC3 Series) Gas Sensors.

HVAC Monitors & Analyzers

Chillgard Series Refrigerant Monitors

The Chillgard Series Refrigerant Monitors provides fast, reliable detection of refrigerant gases used in most refrigerant systems or chillers. Use this series of products to help prevent major losses of costly refrigerant gas.

Z-Gard Series Sensors and Controllers for CO & NO2 Monitoring

The Z-Gard Series of sensors and controllers are designed to detect dozens of carbon monoxide gas, nitrogen dioxide gas, or refrigerants in air. They are designed to provide you economic and reliable operation of your HVAC equipment.