Intrinsic Safety Barriers & Isolators

Intrinsic Safety Barriers & Isolators

Through MTL, POND Technical offers Intrinsically Safe Barriers & Isolators allowing for more safe and less costly installation methods.


MTL7700 Series

  • Removable terminals for easy cabling
  • Bussed power reduces cabling
  • Barrier protection module
  • Proximity detector inputs
  • Dual channel modules
  • Relay and solid state switch modules

MTL700 Series

  • 1 or 2 channels in same slim package
  • Electronic protection prevents blown fuses
  • All models short-circuit proof
  • Fixed tagging & cable-screen earthing accessories
  • Certified to worldwide standards


MTL5500 Series

  • Compact modular design with DIN rail mounting
  • High packing density
  • Single and multi-channel I/O modules
  • 3-port isolation with low power dissipation
  • Compatible with MTL5000