Dedicated Density & Viscosity

Dedicated Density & Viscosity

Micro Motion Coriolis and dedicated density meters are ideal for real-time process monitoring, quality control and custody transfer applications.Look to Micro Motion for highly accurate fiscal density measurement and on-line, real-time measurement of concentration/net flow for the results your process needs.

Micro Motion FDM Fork Density Meter

A direct-insertion Fork Density Meter, that offers installation flexibility with continuous, real-time density and concentration measurement in pipelines, bypass loops and tanks.

Micro Motion FVM Fork Viscosity Meter

A high performance, multivariable Fork Viscosity Meter that delivers reliable viscosity, density and temperature measurement in pipelines, bypass loops and tanks.

Micro Motion SGM Gas Specific Gravity Meter

A Gas Specific Gravity Meter designed to provide a fast-response, direct measurement of gas specific gravity, molecular weight and relative density.

Micro Motion GDM Gas Density Meter, Ni-Span C And 316L Stainless Steel

A Ni-Span C, 316L Stainless Steel, fiscal Gas Density Meter designed for high accuracy, gas density and concentration measurement.