Dry Substance, Concentration & Water Content measured by Microwaves

Dry Substance, Concentration & Water Content measured by Microwaves

Using the microwave measuring systems from Berthold Technologies, concentration, dry substance, moisture and water content can be measured during the ongoing process in a wide variety of products.

The fields of application for our microwave systems are manifold ranging from the food industry to power plants through to mines and paper mills on application with bulk materials, fluids, suspensions and pastes.

Measurement of Water Content & Moisture

Berthold Polar LB 566

With its special sensors, the Micro-Polar detects the concentration, dry substance or the water content online reliably and accurately.

Berthold Micro-Moist LB 456

The moisture measurement system Micro-Moist LB 456 has been designed for the non-contacting, online measurement of the moisture of different kinds of products on a conveyor belt, in a chute, bunker or container. Using microwave measuring technique, the entire material cross-section in the range of transmission is covered, ensuring representative online measurements for quality assurance and process optimization.