Instrument & Valve Accessories

Instrument & Valve Accessories

Fisher Field Instrumentation

Fisher field mounted instruments include transducers, controllers, volume boosters, solenoids and switches that are used to monitor and control flow, temperature, pressure and level variables.

Valve Accessories

Emerson manufactures a broad range of accessories for use with control valves.

Electro-Pneumatic Transducers

Current-to-pneumatic (I/P) transducers blend an innovative I/P conversion technology with proven pneumatic instrumentation designs.


Position Transmitters

Fisher’s Wireless 4320 and TopWorx brand position transmitters provide true position feedback for monitoring or control uses.

Trip Valve

Fisher’s pneumatic control products used in applications protecting equipment or operating conditions of final control elements.


Volume Boosters

Fisher volume booster products are pneumatic devices used for amplifying pneumatic control signals and enhancing control of final control elements with faster movement.

Pressure-Temperature Controllers & Level Instruments

Level Sensors

Fisher level sensors, in conjunction with either FIELDVUE DLC3000 series digital level controllers or 2500 series controllers and transmitters, are designed to measure changes.

Level Transmitters

Both digital electronic and pneumatic displacement level controllers are used for accurate level measurement or precision level loop control.

Pneumatic Pressure Controllers

Once again, Emerson reinforces its long standing commitment to technological excellence with a complete line of pressure controllers.