Severe Service

Severe Service

For decades Emerson’s Severe Service team has been providing global customers with Fisher Severe Service control valve solutions.

Whether it is severe service applications for the Power, Hydrocarbon, Chemical or Pulp & Paper industries, Emerson’s technical experts have provided sound solutions to address critical applications for aerodynamic noise, cavitations and out-gassing issues, as well as particulate erosion.

Aerodynamic Noise Control

Valve technologies used to reduce the noise (sound, pressure, level) of compressible flows via one or more techniques of frequency shifting, discrete pressure staging, trim passage shape and/or adequate expansion areas.

Cavitation Control

Cavitation control trim constructions are designed to eliminate, or minimize the damaging effects of cavitating applications.

Engineered Solutions

Complete valve solutions, custom engineered for the customer’s specific application.

Steam Conditioning

Steam Conditioning is the combination of pressure reduction and temperature reduction of superheated steam to fit process needs, protect downstream equipment or allow the use of less expensive materials or schedules for downstream piping.


PULSCO’s Silencers

NECI is an exclusive agent for PULSCO Vent Silencers and Line Silencers. PULSCO’s Blowdown Vent Silencers and Line Silencers provide the solution to high intensity, broadband noise associated with pressure relief systems and gas/ steam line turbulence. PULSCO Vent and Line Silencers are designed and engineered as a system, specifically matched to a Fisher control valve system to reduce the overall cost for the valve and silencer package.