Baumann Valves

Baumann Valves

When looking for a performance and quality in a compact package, Baumann Control Valves are your answer. Baumann Valves are time tested in Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, Specialty Chemical, HVAC and R&D.

Whether your need is for low flow, sanitary, or a general service valve your POND Technical application engineer can assist you in selecting the right Baumann solution!

General Service Control Valves

Fisher Baumann 24000

Baumann 24000 our best valued industrial valve offering.


Fisher Baumann 24000C

Baumann 24000C rugged and economical for non-corrosive applications requiring flanged body integrity.

Fisher Baumann 24000CVF/SVF

Baumann 24000CVF/SVF pneumatic control valves used for the control of pressure, temperature, level, and flow.

Fisher Baumann 24000S

Baumann 24000S for mildly corrosive applications.


Sanitary Control Valves

Fisher Baumann 83000

Baumann packless micro-flow sanitary control valve.

Fisher Baumann 84000

Baumann 84000 high rangeability sanitary aseptic closure diaphragm control valve.

Fisher Baumann 87000

Baumann 87000 sanitary aseptic low flow control valve is suited for particulates in the flow stream.

Fisher Baumann 89000

Baumann 89000 sanitary control valve with high lift metal plug suitable for the Life Science and Food and Beverage Industries.

Low Flow Control Valves

Fisher Baumann 24000SB

Baumann 24000SB unique bar stock valve is recommended for low flow, high-pressure applications.

Fisher Baumann 26000

Baumann 26000 PTFE lined low flow valve, ideal for additive flow control of acids and caustic pH applications.

Fisher Baumann 51000

Baumann 51000 miniature low flow control valve.