ValveLink & Valve Diagnostics

Fisher DVC Smart Valve Positioners provide information about the health of the positioner, the actuator, and the valve in a control valve assembly. Alerts are provided to notify the user when there is a problem.

AMS ValveLink Software allows you to streamline maintenance activities and optimize process control operations. From automatic calibration to performance trending, AMS ValveLink Software is a critical component in realizing the full capabilities of digital technology.

Fisher AMS ValveLink Software gives the user tools to further investigate a device alert from a control valve assembly to determine the root cause of the problem:

Performance Diagnostics provide in-service tests to help determine the cause of a problem without disturbing the process.

Advanced Diagnostics provide out-of-service tests that cover the full range of valve operation, 0-100%, to help determine the cause of a problem or to validate rebuild of the valve/actuator assembly after maintenance is performed.

The instrument monitor screen within AMS ValveLink Software provides an initial overview of all measured variables within the control valve assembly. After reviewing this screen to understand the current operating condition of the control valve assembly, the technician can run additional diagnostics tests to pinpoint the problem.