AMS Device Manager Interfaces & Connectivity Options

AMS Device Manager Interfaces & Connectivity Options

Control System Interfaces:

DeltaV: AMS Device Manager and DeltaV work together to deliver an integrated operating environment for HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus and WirelessHART devices. The DeltaV system passes field device data through the controller to the AMS Device Manager system without the need for extra hardware or wiring.

AMS Device Manager also works with DeltaV SIS to ensure that your safety instruments will perform effectively when you need them. When using AMS Device Manager in SIS applications, you can extend time between proof tests, improve interlock checkout time, reduce human errors and automatically capture historical record of actions.

Ovation: AMS Device Manager with Ovation provides a seamless interface with the most widely adopted bus standards, allowing you easy access to smart device diagnostics.

RS3: AMS Device Manager accesses HART data already available to your RS3 system, passing field data to your AMS Device Manager network.

PROVOX: The Provox system allows you to access the predictive diagnostics of your intelligent field devices through AMS.

Handheld Communicator Interface:

The Handheld Communicator Interface enables you to synchronize HART device configuration information between your AMS Device Manager database and a 475 and 375 Field HART Communicator.

HART Multiplexer Interface & Other Interfaces for Non-Emerson Hosts:

The HART Multiplexer Interface allows you to access real-time HART device diagnostics in AMS Device Manager through a multiplexer, while using a legacy or third-party host system. With a hardware multiplexer, 4-20mA field wiring for HART devices passes through a HART multiplexer termination board prior to the I/O card to strip off the HART signal. 

This approach can be used with any host system. In addition, several interfaces for non-Emerson hosts have been developed. HART multiplexer emulation software is available to bring HART data directly through Allen-Bradley AI or AO cards (ControlLogix/CompactLogix PLC with HART AI or AO modules) into AMS Device Manager software using the HART Multiplexer Interface option. In addition, system interfaces for AMS Device Manager have been developed for Siemens (PCS7) and Kongsberg.

Remote Operations Controller (ROC) System Interface:

The ROC System Interface gives you the power to extend AMS Device Manager beyond plant walls to remote sites hundreds or thousands of miles away. Connect AMS Device Manager to a Fisher ROC network to view, configure, and diagnose remote HART devices.

Smart Calibrator Interface:

AMS Device Manager interfaces with documenting calibrators through the Calibration Assistant SNAP-ON application to manage the calibrations of HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, and conventional devices.

Wireless Interface:

The Wireless Interface provides easy access to your WirelessHART devices via the Smart Wireless Gateway. With the Wireless Interface, you can view predictive diagnostics in devices that were once out of physical or economic reach.