The Rosemount product offering includes a complete line of pressure, flow, level and wireless measurement instrumentation.

Throughout the process industries, Rosemount devices are specified more often than any other brand of process instrumentation.

As an authorized Rosemount representative, the goal of POND Technical is to be your complete resource for any and all of your measurement needs by making the newest technology and industry applications available to you.

By working with POND Technical, you can feel confident that you are getting the most out of your measurement devices by spending less on capital expenditures and reducing your installation and maintenance costs.

Flow Measurement

Offering increased plant efficiency and safety at lower installed cost, Rosemount has the most accurate DP flow products, magnetic flow meters, as well as uniquely designed vortex meters.

Level Measurement

Designed to cut costs and increase safety by giving precise and reliable level data, Rosemount’s level products include non-contacting radar, guided wave radar, ultrasonic, DP and vibrating fork transmitters.

Temperature Measurement

Providing reliable solutions for your temperature applications with our industry-leading portfolio of transmitters and sensors & thermowells.

Pressure Measurement

The broadest offering available, along wih a long list of transmitters with different functionality to suit your specific needs.

Wireless Products

Utilizing self-organizing networks automatically optimize connectivity to achieve greater than 99% data reliability, and ensure that your measurement information will always be available.


 Liquid Analytical

Rosemount Analytical product features include liquid analysis for pH, conductivity, ORP, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, ozone and chlorine.



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