Machinery Health Management & CSI Technologies

Machinery Health Management & CSI Technologies

From portable vibration analysis through the CSI 2130 Machinery Health Analyzer to continuous online monitoring from the CSI 6500 Machinery Health Monitor, Emerson is the single source for optimizing your mechanical assets.

With a proven track record of implementing plant-wide predictive diagnostic solutions, you can count on Emerson to unlock the maximum potential in your machinery.

AMS Suite: Machinery Health Manager software integrates information from robust diagnostic technologies. The powerful combination of software, online technologies, portable technologies and world-class training builds a predictive diagnostic foundation for your machinery management program.

Emerson’s combination of best-in-class technologies and services helps increase equipment effectiveness, reliability and performance by allowing you to be proactive in your maintenance.

With Emerson’s Smart Machinery Health Management solution, you have a comprehensive view of every machine, allowing you to diagnose problems early – before they even become an issue.

Vibration & Acceleration

Product solutions that give you a comprehensive view of every machine allowing you to diagnose problems before they even become an issue.

Continuous Online Monitoring

Critical machinery problems bring production to a halt. A combination of shutdown protection and prediction capabilities ensure that machinery will continue to perform within parameters.

Machinery Health Services

Offering onsite vibration analysis services, infrared thermography, sonic and ultrasonic analysis, motor analysis, oil analysis, as well as and laser alignment and balancing.

Machinery Health, Calibration & Reliability Training

Technology and product training for rotating equipment taught by professionals with experience in developing or working within actual plant predictive- or reliability-based maintenance programs.

WirelessHART Field Network Instrumentation

Enable wireless vibration monitoring of any mechanical asset.

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